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About xMobile - Smartphone template for x-cart

Welcome to the xMobile Demo website.

xMobile - without doubt, the greatest mobile template every created for x-cart. It gives us great pleasure to unveil our latest x-cart template, we think you're going to love it... we've called it xMobile. Beautifully designed and crammed full of amazing features, xMobile is a highly configurable, lightweight, feature rich smartphone template - developed to work independently of your existing x-cart web storefront - it's everything you could wish for from a mobile template. With xMobile you'll have your x-cart store mobile in minutes.

Once again we've delivered, the development effort that has gone into creating xMobile has been nothing short of Epic, but it certainly has been a labour of love - from start to finish. Okay, lets get down to business - what has xMobile got - that makes is so great?